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222 Transverter

 222 Mhz Transverter


Photo's above are:
(top) 222 Transverter Front

(mid) 222 Transverter Rear

(bot) 222 Transverter with 194 Mhz Micro-Synth


+ $6 shipping USPS Priority Box

+ $6 shipping USPS Priority Box

Features Include:
Common I.F. Port w/ TX/RX switching & attenuation
0dbm to +33dbm (2 watt) I.F Input w/user configurable TX attenuator pad
L.O. options of 78/172/194/ or odd L.O.
Integrates with W7BAS Micro-Synth L.O.
Output greater than +15dbm (80 -100mw typical)
RX MDS better than -130dbm!
Toko Helical Bandpass Filtering
Low-Pass Filtering on 222 input, 222 output
User selectable common or split R.F. output
Seperate 222 TX and RX ports allow easy addition of pre-amp or brick amplifier
Good spurious products >35db down
Easily customizable - Easily integrated
Get on a new band without breaking the bank!
Less than 50 components
Mostly SMT construction - smallest = 0805 size
10 - 20VDC

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